Business Writing

Business Writing for the Public Sector

Writing is at the heart of what government does and is a critically important skill for public servants. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the key principles, techniques and skills required to produce effective and quality writing in the government setting.

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Selection Criteria and Interviews

The interview process can be one of the most daunting and stress-inducing experiences many job applicants will encounter. Understanding and responding appropriately to the key selection criteria is essential. There is no way to anticipate every possible question or every possible situation you may be put into, but there are some steps you can take […]

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Powerful Email Writing

In today’s fast-paced world, information is sent and received more rapidly than ever before. But how do you ensure that the messages you are sending are effective, acceptable, and will be taken seriously? The use of proper e-mail etiquette is the cornerstone for ensuring your message gets across quickly, appropriately, and concisely. This course covers […]

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