In today’s fast-paced world, information is sent and received more rapidly than ever before. But how do you ensure that the messages you are sending are effective, acceptable, and will be taken seriously? The use of proper e-mail etiquette is the cornerstone for ensuring your message gets across quickly, appropriately, and concisely.

This course covers the requirements for using e-mail to communicate effectively. Specifically, you will be introduced to email guidelines, the fundamental elements every email should contain, and the importance of keeping emails concise.

  • Understand common email issues
  • Explain the pros and cons of using email
  • Determine when you should not send emails
  • Learn how to write compelling and effective subject lines
  • Adopt best practice in email structure, starting and ending
  • Create email that is understandable and actionable
  • Employ tools and techniques to focus your communication (tone, language)
  • Plan emails to achieve their purpose
  • Use time saving email templates to:
    • Respond to a complaint
    • Refuse a request / say no
  • Master proper email etiquette


  • Write specific, meaningful subject lines
  • Start and close emails with the “human dimension”
  • Articulate action items clearly
  • Achieve clarity and conciseness in writing
  • Create an appropriate tone
  • Ensure completeness
  • Respond to complaints and refusals
  • Achieve proper email etiquette
  • Proofread for perfection

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