Project Management Fundamentals

Projects are now an essential component of how we work today. To work together effectively on any project, everyone on the team needs to use a common language and have a clear understanding of all expectations. This project manager training workshop is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management who serve on project management teams, those who simply want to know more about project management or those who are making the transition to project management.

This workshop is designed to teach participants terminology, structures, and tools that are the hallmarks of modern project management. It will assist people who want to quickly and efficiently learn the important principles of project management and how to apply them to improve their project productivity.

  • Clarify the role of the project manager and the project team
  • Identify the key stages of a project life cycle
  • Develop an effective project brief /scope
  • Influence key stakeholders and develop a project communication plan
  • Identify techniques and tools for planning and tracking your project
  • Recognise potential risks and develop a risk register to minimise risks
  • Define a project
  • Discuss factors that contribute to successful projects
  • Recognise key stages of a project life cycle
  • Develop an effective project brief
  • Identify your goals, broad objectives and outcomes
  • Plan and schedule project tasks
  • Design a work breakdown structure
  • Identify and address project risks
  • Create a stakeholder communication plan
Live Virtual Course



The course was extremely beneficial. As someone who hasn’t participated in a Project Management course before, the information was really educative but also illustrated and explained in an understandable way.  It has given me confidence to begin practising what I learnt. Thank you!

Charles Sturt University