Minute Taking Workshop

Minute taking is an integral factor in the success of a meeting. When the discussions are underway and decisions have been verbally made, accurate meeting minutes will record what has taken place and what actions are required.

This workshop will provide practical information on what to consider before, during and after a meeting to ensure your minutes are concise, accurate and the key points are recorded

By the end of this workshop, you will be an effective and proactive professional who can take minutes in every meeting.

  • Develop the confidence and skills to take accurate and concise minutes
  • Prepare effectively for taking minutes
  • Clearly identify your role before, during and after the meeting
  • Identify positive strategies for listening and summarising
  • Develop practical and meaningful agendas
  • Deal with jargon and technical language professionally
  • Identify different methods of minute taking and organising your material
  • Learn techniques to identify and record important information
  • What are minutes?
  • The skills of effective minute taking
  • The challenges for minute takers
  • Recording action points
  • The role and responsibility of a minute taker
  • Working with the Chair
  • Preparing an agenda
  • Agenda guidelines
  • Personal preparation for minute taking and meetings
  • Identifying key points to record (and what not to record)
  • Dos and don’ts of minute taking
  • Structuring your minutes
  • Proofreading your minutes
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I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it to be informative and offered good practical practices that will assist me to be more effective in my role.

Parliament of Victoria