Essential Skills for Executive Assistants and Administrators

Executive Assistants (EAs) / Administrators perform, coordinate and oversee office administrative duties while providing an extensive level of support to managers. They help managers make the best use of their time and are relied on heavily to ensure that work is handled efficiently and without the need for constant or direct supervision.

In supporting these managers, they must possess a wide range of skills and extensive knowledge in order to be truly effective.

  • Clarify the role of the Executive Assistants and Administrators
  • Reflect on the skills and attributes of a highly successful Executive Assistants and Administrators
  • Enhance the productivity of your manager / team and ensure the smooth running of the department
  • Plan, organise and manage time more effectively
  • Communicate confidently and assertively with both colleagues and clients
  • Deal effectively with difficult people and situations
  • Know your behavioral style and how to read and adapt to other styles to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Define your role and what is required of a highly proficient EA and Administrator
  • Project a confident and professional image
  • Provide value for in your role
  • Build a strong partnership with your manager
  • Balance the demands of more than one manager
  • Prioritise and set realistic deadlines
  • Learn techniques for handling short term and long-term tasks/projects
  • Use effective listening and questioning skills
  • Provide effective feedback
  • Say ‘no’ assertively
  • Increase your own self-awareness by examining your DISC behavioural style
  • Assess other people’s style and adapting your communication to achieve outcomes
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Fantastic course!  Created greater awareness of others work style preferences. Better clarity of my role with my manager and understanding of the organisational strategic picture and how my department contributes. Thank you!

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