Driving Project Outcomes



Project Management Training is one of the key skills areas needed to be productive in the workplace.

This half day workshop is designed for those new to project management, keen to learn the basics and to leave with practical tips and techniques to apply right away. It would also be very useful for those who have some experience of small projects and want to further develop their skills.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have a simple tools and techniques for delivering large and small projects on time effectively.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify elements of successful projects
  • Identify the key stages of a project life cycle
  • Develop an effective project brief /scope
  • Influence key stakeholders and develop a project communication plan
  • Identify techniques and tools for planning and tracking your project
  • Recognise potential risks and develop a risk register to minimise risks



  • Define a project
  • Discuss factors that contribute to successful projects
  • Recognise key stages of a project life cycle
  • Develop an effective project brief
  • Identify your goals, broad objectives and outcomes
  • Plan and schedule project tasks
  • Design a work breakdown structure
  • Identify and address project risks
  • Create a stakeholder communication plan
Live Virtual Course



Facilitator was fantastic. Probably one of the best short courses I’ve done in a while.