Constructive Conflict Resolution

Conflicts, however large or small, can happen in any workplace, whether your business has 5 or 500+ employees. And it can happen between a group of coworkers, individual team members – even between staff and a customer. By giving attendees the know-how, they can learn the positive art of conflict management and effective resolution in the workplace.

Conflict at work can damage relationships between co-workers, but it can also impact the reputation of a business. With effective training, delegates gain the skills and confidence needed to step in and intervene, creating a safer and less hostile working environment for everyone.

  • Understand how conflict can arise in the workplace
  • Get to know the negatives – and the positives – of workplace conflict
  • Recognise the different stages in a conflict cycle
  • Anticipate the causes of conflict and respond proactively
  • Understand your own approach to handling conflict
  • Manage strong emotions in a difficult situation
  • Use proven strategies to prevent conflicts from happening – or escalating – in the workplace
  • Understanding conflict
  • Causes of conflict
  • Constructive vs destructive conflict
  • Stages of conflict cycle
  • Manage your emotions
  • Defuse angry situations
  • Assess your conflict style
  • Employ strategies to address and resolve conflict
  • Establish a collaborative environment
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I very much enjoyed this course, very insightful and lots of information to take away and put into practice.


Mornington Peninsula Shire