Participants will learn evidence-based skills for clarifying their values, setting effective goals, prioritising tasks and maintaining motivation. A series of practical exercises will provide participants with direct learning experience in implementing these strategies.

The course aims to provide validation about the modern pressures of balancing time, and encourage participants to take a proactive mindset towards their use of time. The course aims to develop time management skills in all life quadrants, with a particular focus on enhancing productivity and wellbeing at work.

  • Understand the value of effective time management
  • Develop a critical and realistic mindset about their use of time
  • Appreciate how your behavioural style impacts on your time management
  • Learn how to set achievable SMART goals and workplans
  • Develop prioritisation skills
  • Implement planning techniques to manage your short term and long-term tasks
  • Practice saying No
  • Prioritise
  • Recognise time management styles
  • Set goals/objective
  • Develop workplans
  • Say No effectively
  • Set daily tasks
  • Managing long term tasks
  • Plan and schedule
  • Delegate

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