The Skills Negotiator

Duration: 1 Day or 2 Days

Negotiation is crucial part of day-to-day survival, in both business and other areas of our lives.  It is about an agreement with another party or parties to achieve defined goals. To be successful in negotiations we need to employ constructive strategies.

Who should attend

Anyone who is new to negotiation, or who want to refresh their skills and review their overall effectiveness when in negotiating situations.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Negotiate successfully whilst maintaining good working relationships
  • Understand basic principles of “win/win” negotiation
  • Develop an assertive negotiation style
  • Understand your own attitude towards handling conflict
  • Learn and practice a structured approach to negotiation
  • Learn how to identify and handle sticking points
  • Develop constructive communication skills
  • Identify areas for personal improvement

Topics Covered

  • What is negotiation?
  • What makes a successful negotiation
  • Principles of negotiation
  • The process of negotiation
  • Preparing to negotiate
  • Opening a negotiation
  • Developing a structure for effective negotiation
  • Communicating
  • Strategies for handling conflict
  • Negotiating win/win solutions
  • Monitoring and recording agreements
  • A checklist for successful negotiations

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