A stakeholder is a person, group or organisation that has an interest in an organisation, because they are affected by its operations or can affect Its operations. Stakeholders have an impact on every organisation, public or private sector – some are internal, others are external, but the higher priority stakeholders must be engaged, their expectations understood and strategies developed, planned and implemented to recognise and address their concerns.

This course will introduce you to the relevant tools and techniques, as well as a leading standard, that will help you to engage and manage stakeholders effectively and efficiently. This will include learning the stakeholder management processes, analysing and planning communication strategies to achieve your goals.

  • Understand what contributes to active stakeholder engagement
  • Acquire fundamental skills in stakeholder mapping and prioritisation
  • Implement an effective stakeholder engagement model
  • Understand the type of engagement best suited to each relationship (e.g., communication vs consultation).
  • Design a stakeholder communication and management plan
  • Monitor and evaluate the engagement process
  • What is stakeholder engagement?
  • Principles of stakeholder engagement
  • Develop workable strategic business and engagement objectives
  • Map external and internal stakeholders
  • Identify key stakeholder issues
  • Prioritise stakeholders
  • Consider your stakeholders requirements for engagement
  • Identify effective engagement methods
  • Design your engagement process
  • Report to your stakeholders
  • Monitor the engagement process

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