Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Duration: 1 Day

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement
Duration: 1 Day

Stakeholder engagement is the practice of interacting with, and influencing project stakeholders to the overall benefit of the project and its advocates.
Engagement encompasses a wide variety of interactions, both formal and informal. These range from information sharing to more active consultation through to collaboration in decision making processes.
Their requirements, expectations, perceptions, personal agendas and concerns will influence the project, shape what success looks like, and impact the outcomes that can be achieved. Successful stakeholder engagement is therefore a vital requirement.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand what contributes to active stakeholder engagement
• Acquire fundamental skills in stakeholder mapping and prioritisation
• Implement an effective stakeholder engagement model
• Understand the type of engagement best suited to each relationship (e.g. communication vs consultation).
• Design a stakeholder communication and management plan
• Monitor and evaluate the engagement process

Topics Covered
• Why engage?
• Principles and standards for stakeholder engagement

Thinking Strategically about engagement
• Mapping external and internal stakeholders
• Setting strategic business and engagement objectives
• Identifying key stakeholder issues
• Prioritising each stakeholder and their issues

Engage with your Stakeholder in ways that work
• Understanding and learning about your stakeholders
• Considering your stakeholders requirements for engagement
• Identifying the most effective engagement methods
• Designing the engagement process

Take Action and Review the Engagement
• Creating a plan for action
• Reporting back and giving assurance to your stakeholders
• Reviewing the engagement process

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