Do you deliver presentations as part of your job role? One of the key goals of any presentation is to engage the audience and motivate them to take action after the presentation. This course will show you how to write and deliver presentations with confidence, creating effective media and developing your delivery style.

  • Plan and prepare your presentations more effectively
  • Build in several techniques for keeping audience interest
  • Use voice, body language and room layout to best effect
  • Look and feel more confident when presenting
  • Use a variety of visuals aids including recent technology
  • Prepare and deliver to multicultural audiences
  • Interact with your audience, taking questions and feedback
  • Handle challenging questions and audience behaviours


  • Meeting the needs of your audience
  • Overcoming the barriers to successful group speaking
  • Aims, objectives and content – focusing on the key issues
  • Considering use of different media and technology
  • Practising your delivery, timing and flow – and handling likely questions

Building Confidence

  • Confidence and its effect on your audience
  • Channelling nerves to help you and building confidence
  • Relaxation techniques to ease anxiety

Delivery Skills

  • An evaluation of your body language and image
  • Positive language and appropriate gestures
  • Sound interested, enthusiastic and professional when projecting your voice
  • Connect and interact with your audience and handle their questions
  • Top techniques for influence, credibility and interest
  • Use effective and appropriate visual aids and room layouts


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