Managing Effective Meetings

Duration: 1 Day

Many organisations use meetings for information distribution, communication and decision making – in teams, project groups, working parties, stakeholder forums and other purposes. At their best meetings can be creative, purposeful and supportive.

Yet some meetings can become unfocused, unproductive or interpersonally unpleasant. They are always expensive – yet we often plan or attend meetings unprepared, with confused agendas and with little structure or skills to help us achieve the purpose of the meeting.

This workshop will assist participants to plan, chair and contribute to more effective meetings.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Review participant’s experiences of meetings in their workplace.
  • Summarise and discuss how to design and structure effective meetings, including the appropriate use of agendas, meeting protocols and minutes.
  • Describe the role and skills of an effective chairperson or meeting facilitator.
  • Deal with challenging participants.

Topics Covered

  • The importance of meetings – understanding process and content
  • Clarifying expectations and setting ground rules
  • Identifying meeting objectives and outcomes
  • Preparing effective agendas
  • Understanding the role of a chair
  • Responding to common meeting dynamics
  • Encouraging and controlling discussions
  • Recording minutes



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