Managing Change and Building Resilience

Duration: 1 Day

The program is designed for staff at all levels to understand the current changing climate in organisations. It will assist individuals to facilitate themselves through change, embrace and view change in a positive way and prepare for the challenges that change brings. It will also allow you to reflect on your own personal approach to change and examine and develop their resilience within their roles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the process of change and transition
  • Recognise reactions to change
  • Implement effective strategies to transition during change
  • Improve communication skills to better influence change
  • Develop skills and strategies to improve resilience leading to greater personal effectiveness
  • Reflect on their own approach to change and resilience in a change environment.

Topics Covered

Session 1 – Understanding Change and Transition

  • Definition of change and transition
  • Implement change communication fundamentals
  • Understand William Bridges – Model of Transition
  • Identify the three keys stages of transition
  • Apply proactive strategies for supporting yourself and others through each transition stage

Session 2 – Managing Yourself and Others through Change

  • Research and understand your change
  • Key steps to handling the change
  • Identify features and benefits
  • Apply Appreciative Inquiry process in change

Session 3 – Building Emotional Resilience During Change

  • Define Emotional Resilience
  • Identify the benefits of enhancing your Emotional Resilience
  • Understand how Emotional Contagion works
  • Comprehend the concept of Emotional Hijacking
  • Identify strategies to manage Emotional Hijacking to help yourself and others
  • Use relaxation and mindfulness techniques

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