Client service employees will find themselves managing emotionally charged caller interactions on a regular basis. Having a sound understanding of the reasons for challenging client behaviour, how to manage and de-escalate that behaviour, and how to look after yourself in the process, is essential in challenging situations.

Our workshop, will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to understand and respond effectively to challenging client behaviour.

  • Ensure you have a “client service mindset”
  • Focus on aspects of the call you can control
  • Use positive language that incorporates empathy to assist with calls
  • Build resilience to proactively deal with challenging callers
  • Implement key strategies to de-escalate angry/emotional callers
  • Effectively and politely wrapping up calls
  • Components of a client service mindset
  • Focus on what you can control in client interactions
  • Manage your emotions and thoughts, and the clients
  • Use of empathy and effective questioning skills
  • Increase your ow personal resilience
  • Understand the “baiting” concept
  • Use of cooperative language vs confrontational language
  • Adopt positive phrases and words
  • Effectively saying no
  • Wrap up your call

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