Leadership is a difficult quality to define but one that is essential to the success of any team or organisation.

Leadership requires a vision for the future, an ability to see what’s going on right now and personal qualities that bring others to follow you. Everyone is different and leads in a different way. Our workshop provides the opportunity for participants to explore their own authentic and individual leadership style.

This workshop will introduce tools and techniques for influencing as a leader, exploring ways to motivate and inspire others.

  • Discuss the qualities and strengths of an effective leader
  • Recognise different styles within your team and how to manage and motivate
  • Improve your ability to deal with difficult people and situations
  • Implement clear and achievable workplans to reach your goals
  • Be able to prioritise and manage your work effectively
  • Understand how to give effective feedback and manage performance
  • Be able to delegate and set clear expectations
  • What is leadership?
  • Recognise traits of highly effective leaders
  • Recognise your behavioural style and others’ behavioural styles (team, colleagues, managers) and respond accordingly
  • Covey’s Time Management Matrix for prioritising
  • SMART goal and objective setting
  • Implement practical team work plans
  • Use project methodology to achieve long term tasks/projects
  • Create a supportive work environment
  • Guidelines for receiving and giving feedback
  • Provide positive and constructive feedback
  • What is delegation?
  • Benefits of delegation
  • Steps to delegating effectively
  • Devising a work delegation plan

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