Communicating Across Generations

Duration: 1 Day

Communicating with the different generations creates a variety of challenges in the workplace. Motivating and getting the best performance out of people from the different generations is essential for productivity within organisations. Strategies that work for Generation X may not necessarily be effective for Generation Y.

This one day program is provides practical tools for building teams, motivating and retaining, and communicating across generations.

Outcome for Participants

  • Understand what shapes the perspective of the three different generations; Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.
  • Identify the values and beliefs of each generation.
  • Employ communication techniques designed to “break through” the generational barriers, and work effectively in teams.
  • Engage effective motivational techniques for each generation.
  • Gain insights in managing Generation Y in organisations
  • Develop strategies towards building a multi-generational workforce

Topics Covered

  • Identifying the Generations
    • Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y
    • Recognising the value of diversity
  • What has influenced each Generation
    • What were their influences
    • Beliefs and values of each generations
    • Dispelling generational myths
  • Motivating and Communicating with each Generation
    • How is each generation motivated
    • Techniques for motivating across the generations
    • Communicating with influence
  • Managing Generation Y
    • What is different about Generation Y
    • How do they need to be managed
  • Building a Multi-Generational Workplace
    • Developing practical work strategies specific to each generation
    • Identifying commonalities across generations

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