Coaching Skills for High Performance

Duration: 1 Day

There is an increasing demand on managers at all levels to improve performance in the workplace. One of the most powerful ways for a manager to improve performance is through coaching people on their team. Coaching is now viewed as a fundamental part of a manager’s role.

This practical hands-on course gives strategies and techniques for identifying key areas where there is a need for coaching, planning the coaching, carrying out coaching, arranging for practice and assessing the improved performance.

Outcomes for Participants

  • Apply coaching techniques to unlock employee potential and maximise performance
  • Harness the art of coaching to forge collaborative relationships
  • Structure a framework for mutually effective learning and development
  • Develop the coaching skills, attitudes and behaviours to foster success at all levels
  • Recognise and adapt to individual and situational differences
  • Create a positive, supportive environment that generates commitment and enthusiasm

Topics Covered

  • What is coaching?
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Characteristics of successful coaches
  • Guidelines for conducting successful coaching sessions
  • Creating the right climate for coaching
  • Developing a coaching plan
  • The coaching process – G. R.O.W Model
  • Adapting your coaching style to individuals and situations
  • Coaching skills, tips and hints
  • Developing a coaching contract
  • Reviewing the results and follow up.

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