Building Resilience in the Workplace

Duration: 1 Day

Emotionally Resilient workplaces experience more cohesion, less stress and tension as well as greater productivity. Resilience is usually defined as “the positive capacity to cope with stress or adversity”. Resilience in the workplace refers to an employee’s ability to cope with the various challenges of the modern workplace: learning new technology, organisational change, downsizing, mergers, increased workload, budget pressures or deadlines.

With rapidly increasing organisational change, pressure and pace, workplace stress is becoming an inevitable part of working life and an area which all employees must become proficient in dealing with. Building resilience through proven and practical prevention and intervention skills is now recognised as a core competency in order to flourish in today’s complex work environment.


  • Understand and develop personal and emotional resilience to manage everyday stresses in life (work and personal).
  • Build capability and resilience skills in navigating and leading challenging situations
  • Apply techniques to call on resilience in the face of stress
  • Develop teams that are resilient to workplace stress to maintain their engagement and success through organisational change and challenge


  • What is resilience?
  • Traits of an emotional resilience person
  • Understand the short and long term impacts of stress and unproductive emotions
  • Recognise the link between performance and resilience.
  • Assess your own level of personal and emotional resilience Emotional Resilience strategies: Reframing the Unhelpful Thinking
  • Identify tools and techniques for improving optimism and emotional regulation
  • Acquire a stronger sense of control when faced with uncertainty
  • Be able to maintain stamina, logic and effective behaviours
  • Build strong and supportive relationships with colleagues
  • Stay motivated and focused and help maintain morale in your team
  • Develop your personal resilience action plan

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